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You will see results just as quickly as expensive skin whitening surgery.

Dermatologists wants you to believe that skin whitening surgery is the “Gold Standard” when it comes to skin whitening. In reality, skin whitening surgery is one of their “top cash cows” (raking in hundreds of dollars per patient).

Ivory Caps on the other hand is able to provide similar results in about the same time- frame or less and at a small portion of the cost of skin whitening surgeries.

I have tested and proven that these capsules prevents oxidation of the existing skin melanin and also removes melanin laden skin cells, also helps in regulation of pigmentation and therefore skin whitening is effectively achieved. These capsules are taken as dietary supplements and it is suggested that you take before or after meals for a better level of absorption.

The major advantage of Ivory Caps Enhancement Formula Glutathione Complex is that is a dietary supplement and has been tested and proven to work well. Secondly the ingredients used are essential in the body and therefore it has extra benefits apart from skin whitening.

Glutathione deficiency is identified through blood tests, normally people with low glutathione levels are those afflicted with; Diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, low sperm count and HIV/Aid. It has also been suggested by published glutathione studies that glutathione levels are depleted with various factors such as; excessive drinking, smoking, use of illegal drugs, pollution and old age.


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    Ingredients Of Ivory Caps

    it’s a natural product derived from natural ingredients only. some of the prominent ingredients making up this product are:

    Glutathione; A small molecule with three essential amino acids, these amino acids help in maintaining normal functioning of your immune system and also detoxification in your skin.

    Alpha liopic acid; Helps in breaking down sugars through cellular respiration, it is also a key ingredient in antioxidants defense with the ability to recycle another important antioxidant.

    Milk thistle; This helps in digestion of fats and in regenerating liver cells.

    And because Ivory Caps is such a simple complex there is absolutely :

    • No need to take on a “skin whitening regime” hobby in order to get clear, healthier skin.
    • No awkward situations during laser skin whitening surgery with bizarre dermatologists.
    • No worrying about skipping a treatment because you’re not in the mood.

    Ivory Caps is guaranteed to work.

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    What I have seen customers of Ivory Caps Skin Enhancement Formula Glutathione Complex say about it (Testimonies):

    “I have an uneven skin tone and a very dry skin. I also have lots of acne scars on my face. It really did bother me so I searched over the internet for safe solutions for my problem. Glutathione seems to help whiten and even the skin tone so I looked for a pill which has the highest potency and safest of them all. I found Ivory caps and without a doubt tried it. Immediately after two weeks I noticed my skin lightening and my scars are lightening too, my skin started to have a glow, this products does work I guarantee that. I decided to use this the whole year to get my desired whiteness and smoothness. I believe this will give me a star like complexion. Thanks so much Ivory caps.”

    “Its been a week now that I am using this product and I notice that I feel so light on my whole body these days. Because you see, before taking your product I felt heavy and always tired. I have a high blood pressure and diabetic 2. Now I feel like I am quite energetic and my skin is a little bit brighter now. Honestly, I have a lighter tone of skin before but now its different, its getting brighter. But the best thing that ever happen to me is when I feel lighter and my brain tends to think quicker than before!”

    “Hello I will love to share my ivory cap experience, a friend gave it to me for my birthday, knowing the joy it will bring me to have a great beautiful lighter skin. I am so pleased with Ivory Caps, it changed my life. I have never seen anything like it, within a week and a half I was already able to see result my skin was softer and I had a healthy glow that I never seen before. Everybody is asking me what am I using, and I am telling them that I am using Ivory Caps. I know that people often get dissapointed with skin lightening system ,but I can guarantee that is like nothing you have ever experience before. My skin and my life changed for ever, it worked for me and I know it will work for anyone who gives it a chance. Who you are is who you gonna be, so be the best of it by choosing Ivory Caps. Thank you!”


    Your results are guaranteed by your usage, when using Ivory Caps Skin Enhancement Complex it’s best to take the recommended dosage, glutathione is highly effective in such manner.

    Capsules are most effective on a empty stomach also when your desired tone of skin is achieved you can cut back to a lower dosage as a method of maintenance.

    Vitamin C is also an immaculate addition to your skin whitening regime, Vitamin C helps absorb glutathione effectively. It would be beneficial for you to consume Vitamin C in the form of capsules with your dosage of Ivory Caps Skin Enhancement Formula Glutathione Complex

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    The following types will assist you to maintain your achieved tone of skin complexion with Ivory Caps;

    • Quit smoking.
    • Increase your water consuption.
    • Try to get adequate amount of sleep.
    • Use a sunscreen/sun blocking agent.
    • Consider using a topical cream/gel.
    • Minimize your exposure to excessive amounts of sunlight.

    Sunscreen is a very important and vital component of skin whitening, it plays a major role in maintaining your achieved tone of skin complexion. A sun screen moisturizing lotion is highly recommended to add to your regime while using ivory Caps to maintaining your glowing larger than life image.

    Pros of Ivory Caps Skin Enhancement Formula Glutathione Complex include;

    Radiant, glowing and lighter skin – The main and most active ingredient in Ivory Caps Enhancement Formula Glutathione Complex is glutathione as a result of use oxidation stress blocked and the production of healthy skin cells initiated while decreasing the toxicity of the body.

    Improves skin health – Ivory caps penetrates the skin deeply from within the body with its antitoxin properties it detoxifies the skin cells which eliminate heavy metals and toxins that contribute to unhealthy aging and undesirable texture of the skin.

    To my knowledge there are no known adverse side effects associated with taking Ivory Caps as a supplement on a daily basis.





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        Trini · January 14, 2018 at 7:51 am

        Hey I’m going to be doing a surgery soon would it be safe to take ivory caps with other medications.

          ivory caps online · January 15, 2018 at 1:47 pm

          Hi, thanks for checking out this post, your visit is well appreciated. It would be best to consult with your doctor/surgeon prior to your procedure about possible adverse medication interactions.

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